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A_Psicologia_32_2El presente volumen es el 32, nº 2 (mayo) de este año 2016

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With or without you: does partner satisfaction and partner-directed violence influence the presence of a partner on women’s Facebook cover profile photographs?. Pavol Prokop, Natália Morvayová, Peter Fedor

Strength and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ) as predictor of ADHD: performance between SCT rates and “Hyperactivity/Impulsivity” and “inattention” domains of ADHD in a clinical sample. Javier Fenollar-Cortés, Agustín Calvo-Fernández, Julia García-Sevilla, Tomás J. Cantó-Díez

An explanatory model of underwater adaptation. Joaquín Colodro, Enrique J. Garcés-de-los-Fayos, Juan J. López-García, Lucía Colodro-Conde

The physical education teachers’ participative preferences in their professional activity. Maria Isabel Barriopedro, Luis Miguel Ruiz-Perez, Miguel Ángel Gómez-Ruano, Isabel Rico

Fatalism, Attributions of Failure and Academic Performance in Mapuche and Non-Mapuche Chilean Students. Tamara Otzen, Hector Betancourt, María-Elena González-Plitt, Diana Martella

Beliefs about obesity and their relationship with dietary restraint and body image perception. Alejandro Magallares, Rocio Carbonero-Carreño, Inmaculada Ruiz-Prieto, Ignacio Jauregui-Lobera

Psychometric properties of the Spanish version of the Coping Strategies Inventory (CSI) in elderly people. Laura Rubio, Cristina G. Dumitrache, Eulogio Cordón-Pozo, Ramona Rubio-Herrera

Training to improve attentional dysfunction in children and adolescents with Asperger Syndrome through direct cognitive stimulation. María-Ángeles Bravo-Alvarez, María Frontera-Sancho

Mental health in prisoners. Pre-post analysis of psychosocial intervention with control group of comparison. Miguel Jesús Bascón Díaz, Virginia Vargas Girón

Psychometric properties of Huebner’s Satisfaction with Life in Students Scale (SLSS) in Chilean boys and girls between 10 and 12 years old. Jaime Alfaro, Javier Guzman, David Sirlopu, Catalina Garcia, Fernando Reyes, Lorraine Gaudlitz

Clinical and Health Psychology
Implications of age and country of membership in the relationship between perceived emotional support and depression: a cross-cultural study. Antonio Riquelme Marín, Marta Martín Carbonell, Juan-Manuel Ortigosa Quiles, Rosa-Martha Meda Lara, Raquel Pérez Díaz, Ana I. López Navas

Muscle Dysmorphia Diagnostic evaluation: a systematic review. Camilo Lopez-Cuautle, Rosalia Vazquez-Arevalo, Juan Manuel Mancilla-Díaz

Relationship between parenting styles, psychopathological intensity and type of symptoms in a adolescents clinical sample. José Miguel Antón San Martín, David Seguí-Durán, Laura Antón-Torre, Ana Barrera-Palacios
Multicomponent cognitive-behavioral therapy for intermittent explosive disorder by videoconferencing: a case study. Jorge Osma, Elena Crespo, Cristian Castellano
Cognitive-behavioral group therapy for girl victims of sexual violence in Brazil: Are there differences in effectiveness when applied by different groups of psychologists?. Luísa Fernanda Habigzang, Clarissa Pinto Pizarro de Freitas, Jean Von Hohendorff, Sílvia Helena Koller

The role of psychological inflexibility in Beck’s cognitive model of depression. Francisco J. Ruiz, Paula Odriozola-González

A review of the dissociative disorders: from multiple personality disorder to the posttraumatic stress. Modesto J. Romero-López

Developmental and Educational Psychology

Action-Emotion Style, Learning Approach and Coping Strategies, in Undergraduate University Students. Jesús de la Fuente, José Manuel Martínez-Vicente, José Luis Salmerón, Manuel M. Vera, María Cardelle-Elawar

Motivation and written language in Spanish adolescents. María-José González-Valenzuela, Isaías Martín-Ruíz.

Metacognition and executive functioning in Elementary School. Trinidad García, Celestino Rodríguez, Paloma González-Castro, David Álvarez-García, Julio-Antonio González-Pienda

Learning to perform research in the degree of medicine: analysis and evaluation of the student ratings of the final degree dissertation. Luis González-de Paz, Marta Elorduy-Vaquero, Montserrat Virumbrales, Jordi Real, Xisca Sureda, Alicia Borras, Jose M Martínez-Sánchez


The emergence and evolution of optimistic expectations in schoolchildren. Carolina Falcón, Santos Orejudo, Teresa Fernández-Turrado, Francisco Javier Zarza

Social Psychology
A Multidimensional Approach to Social Support: The Questionnaire on the Frequency of and Satisfaction with Social Support (QFSSS). Miguel Ángel García-Martín, Isabel Hombrados-Mendieta, Luis Gómez-Jacinto

Towards a psychosocial and cultural definition of Mexican homeless girls: a qualitative approach. Susana Castaños-Cervantes, Juan J. Sánchez-Sosa

Investigating the Mediator role of Social Safeness on the Relationship between Forgiveness and Life Satisfaction. Umran Akin, Ahmet Akin

The minority’s perspective: Stereotypes and emotions between immigrant groups. Isabel Cuadrado, Lucía López-Rodríguez, Marisol Navas

Development and validation of the Adolescent Future Expectations Scale. Yolanda Sánchez-Sandoval, Laura Verdugo

Influence on the choice of transportation mode of travel time variability, personal benefits, and environmental damage from cars versus public transportation. Mercedes López-Sáez, David Lois, José Francisco Morales

Individual and group antecedents of satisfaction: One lab- multilevel study. Isabel M. Martínez, Eva Cifre

Adaptation of an entrepreneurial motivation scale into Spanish. Joan Boada-Grau, José-Carlos Sánchez-García, Eric Viardot, Maria Boada-Cuerva, Andreu Vigil-Colet


Locus of Control revisited: Development of a new bi-dimensional measure. Javier Suárez-Álvarez, Ignacio Pedrosa, Eduardo García-Cueto, José Muñiz
Differences between Cronbach’s alpha coefficients, with small samples and parts: A VB program. César Merino-Soto

Ad hoc procedure for optimising agreement between observational records. Javier Arana, Daniel Lapresa, María Teresa Anguera, Belén Garzón

Multiple Imputation of missing values in exploratory factor analysis of multidimensional scales: estimating latent trait scores. Urbano Lorenzo-Seva, Joost R. Van Ginkel

Psychology and professional practice.

Relationship of the prosocial behaviour, the problem-solving skills and the use of drugs amongst adolescents. Olga Hernández-Serrano, José P. Espada, Alejandro Guillén-Riquelme

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